Novållo sends us a Betty!

Electro-djent band Novållo long teased us for their new material, and we finally get to hear some of it! Betty Phage Goes To Bronxton is the first single from their second album, simply titled “Novallo II” (without the å, much to our dismay). Gino teased us of his experimentation with distortion sounds, and I guess it wasn’t for nothing! The guitar sounds very processed, almost sounding like noise is coming through, but it gets the effect it sought. Also, I think I’ve never heard a swing-felt djent song, and I’m glad that this day has finally happened. In … Read more

News: Novallo II teaser!

Check that out! Doesn’t this sound exciting? From the teaser only, it seems like they’ve only made what put them apart on their first album better! And… I freaking love those guitar tones! I remember reading that the guitarist would be really into weird distortions and all, which made me think of Car Bomb’s Greg Kubacki, but with that teaser I can safely say that there are many more things going on than a pitch pedal, and that makes me excited!… Read more

Novållo – Novållo EP

Novållo will be the newest addition in your music library.

Their eponymous EP of about 20 minutes will make its way into your heart and mind as you listen to it for the first, second, third (and so on) time.

Taking elements of electronica, jazz, and different metal styles and spreading them like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! on a djent-ish foundation, Novållo could play before an Ever Forthright show and not feel out of place or be ashamed at all.

Their lead singer is definitely a strong piece in the group, because its superb and polyvalent voice is … Read more

Mini-Reviews XV

Tactus is a progressive metalcore band from Fredericton, New-Brunswick. It’s a pretty good record recalling a bit of Novållo, but, as with most things labeled metalcore – even if it’s the progressive kind -, Bending Light suffers from its lack of originality. The whole thing is a considerable step up from their debut, T, but the restrictions of the genre are something they should strive to strike down, next time around. The album comes out on October seventh.
Luminiferous Aether is the newest album from progressive atmospheric black metal band Mare Cognitum. Out on September sixteen, it’s what … Read more